About Us

Business Setup can be a very difficult task when you have to start from scratch. Without any help, forming a company tends to be a very tedious process, especially when you are new to the rules and regulations of the country.

To make every entrepreneur and investor’s life easy, Embarkoh Group provides a wide range of hassle-free business setup services and corporate solutions from company formation, documentation services to sponsorship transfer all over UAE. With our clear-cut and convenient business creation process, we are able to guide the potential business owners with the vital steps for business operation and ensure that they benefit from the growth of the economy.

 Offering the best and most trusted local sponsorship services in the country, Embarkoh Group is a transparent, flexible and innovative organization. With our unmatchable expertise, our group is able to understand the unique requirements of the clients by handling every necessary step needed in business formation and create better setup plans that are beneficial for their future.

Our History

Embarkoh Group was established in 1995 with the aim of simplifying the business setup process for various entrepreneurs,

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investors and business owners who come from diverse regions. By building an all-in-one commercial platform, we have taken pride in being a one-stop destination of choice for all kinds of business setup needs in the nation.

Through our easy and cost-effective methods, we continue to build strategies that not only meet the requirements of the clients but also enhance the customer experience. With the knowledge and resources to provide a variety of corporate solutions, we have successfully registered and customized solutions for numerous companies in the UAE over the years.

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Our mission

Embarkoh Group aims to provide the best business setup options in UAE by providing complete start-to-end support to each client.

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Through our strategic expertise, we are able to assess the requirements of our clients, create personalized solutions and fulfill their business goals with certainty.

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Our vision

Embarkoh Group aspires to be the leading business setup consultancy in the whole of UAE. Our objective is to simplify the corporate procedures

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and create a business-friendly platform where investors from all over the world can achieve success in their corporate endeavors.

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Our values

At Embarkoh Group, the values that drive us towards providing better services to our clientele are excellence, transparency and customer satisfaction.

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These values have enabled us to grow and move towards a brighter future.

Excellence: Embarkoh Group aspires for the culture of excellence in the execution of every task. By continuously training our personnel and upgrading our technology, we ensure that our clients receive best quality of work.

Transparency: Embarkoh Group follows the principles of business transparency by being honest and straightforward about the business setup process in the UAE.

Customer Satisfaction: Embarkoh Group gives prioritizes the needs of their clients and ensures that their requirements are completed with absolute care.

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