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Our mission

Embarkoh Group aims to provide the best business setup options in UAE by providing complete start-to-end…

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Our vision

Embarkoh Group aspires to be the leading business setup consultancy in the whole of UAE…

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Our values

At Embarkoh Group, the values that drive us towards providing better services to our clientele are…

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Company Formation & License Acquisition

  • With our round the clock assistance, Embarkoh Group ensures precision and accuracy in company formation and licensing needs.
  • Our team of business consultants guide our clients and take charge of streamlining the process for a successful business function.
  • From company conceptualization to implementation, our business consultants take care of each aspect to relieve the minds of our clients.

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Sponsorship & Visa Procedures

  • To source and select the best local sponsor can be a very difficult task for a newly established business.
  • Embarkoh Group aims to mitigate the risks by conducting a thorough research and due diligence background check to find the right local sponsor.
  • By providing a trustworthy local sponsor, Embarkoh Group affirms the steadfast process of business expansion.

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Local Sponsorship Transfer

  • Embarkoh Group creates a special package and provides complete support to existing businesses who want to replace their local sponsor with another one.
  • If the client is need to change the current sponsor and requests for a new one, Embarkoh Group can examine the market and find the best local sponsor for their business.
  • Through our specially designed system of transference, Embarkoh Group is able to find a suitable sponsor that is in line with the essentials of the owners and investors.

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PRO & Documentation Services

  • Embarkoh Group is equipped with proficient English and Arabic speaking Public Relations Officers (PROs) who effectively provide a number of services.
  • By handling all kinds of documentation and government-related services, our PROs have built an influential network that executes every task with efficiency.
  • Our PROs are recognized in the government departments and can deliver various paper works such as visa applications, company registration and legal permissions.

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Banking & Financial Assistance

  • Embarkoh Group has created resilient connections with numerous banks in UAE to speed up the opening and operating process.
  • From audit advice to bookkeeping, we provide an extensive range of financial banking services to our clients which are clear and transparent.
  • Through our banking partners, in-house counters have been provided by Embarkoh Group to make opening a corporate bank account a quick and effortless task.

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Investor Rights Protection

  • Embarkoh Group is backed by a team of professional experts who create corporate sponsorship agreements that protect the rights of investors in UAE.
  • Our contract ensures secure investments in all business fronts and assures the investors of 100% operational ownership.
  • We take into account the different types of company formation processes in UAE and according to that create exclusive agreements that follow the legal norms.

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Value Added Services

  • Tax Consultancy: We provide tax advice and protect the long term financial interest of the company.
  • Accounts and Bookkeeping: We maintain an organized record of all financial transaction since it is a mandatory requirement of UAE Government.
  • Private and Offshore Banking: We provide start-to-end assistance to businesses for their private and offshore banking needs.

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Essential Steps of Setting-Up a Business in the UAE

  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Finding a Business Location
  • Choosing a Legal Structure
  • Understanding the Legal Procedures
  • Exploring the Market
  • Classifying the Industry

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Our Team

Embarkoh Group is composed of a dynamic team of experts which include business consultants, lawyers, PROs and other professionals who have the ability to accomplish all kinds of tasks with great efficiency. With the goal to help our clients gain the maximum benefit with minimum effort, our outstanding team is always there to guide our clients with every step.

From screening, hiring to training process, our group has carefully selected the finest individuals and formulated an organized system to ensure that excellence is practiced in each activity. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a pandemic, our team is equipped to handle all kinds of situation with ease and adaptability.

Mr. Hussain Ismail Mubarak Khamis Al Mehairi

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Ismail Hussain Ismail Mubarak Al Mehairi


Mr. Ramis

Vice President


Senior Manager

Office Manager


Office Team